Our Story

One day, we looked around at our life and realized that it was nothing like what we wanted.  We were living the American Dream:  big house, new cars, fancy phones, and a mountain of debt!  We came up with a plan to free ourselves from debt and consumerism and fell into the rabbit hole of financial independence along the way.  Join us on our journey to financial freedom on two average government worker salaries.

Who We Are

Since we are both gainfully employed and prefer to keep it that way, we will remain anonymous for the time being.  We work for different local government organizations in a medium to low cost of living area in the West.  We’re currently raising two kids and two cats and will take advice on both.  

Though anonymous, we do feel it is important to share real numbers, so you’ll hear us spouting off things like our income, budget, and tax bill in our podcast.  Our hope is that people can see that you don’t need to have glamorous jobs or be pulling in $300,000+ to achieve FI.  We save more than 75% of our $120,000 combined incomes and still manage to raise a family AND have fun AND go on some pretty fancy vacations.  How do we do this?  Frugality, travel hacking, and spending our money where it matters most.  By our calculations, we’ll be financially independent within seven years.  What will we do once we’ve reached our goal?  We’re not entirely sure.  Stayed tuned with us as we figure life out.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Countdown!

We prefer to fill our lives with experiences like camping trips in the desert.
Future Mr. & Mrs. CTF after having knocked all the items off their bucket list
Uni makes appearances on our podcasts because she can't keep her mouth shut.
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