Episode 1 – Welcome and Introduction

Description:  Meet Mr. and Mrs. Countdown!  We’re two average people that on are our way to financial independence. We’ll give a short recap of our journey from broke to debt payoff to wealth building with an eye on financial independence.  Join us!

Notes from the show:

The websites mentioned:



The book mentioned:

      The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley

Podcasts mentioned:

     Mad Fientist

     Clark Howard*

*Mr. Countdown actually went on about how great Dave Ramsey was.  He meant  Clark Howard.  Mr. Countdown does not like Dave Ramsey.

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  1. Nice to meet you and welcome to the community! You two sound like lovely folks with good insights to share.

    I hope you plan to be on Podcast Addict too?

    1. Thank you! I thought our feed was going to Podcast Addict, but we’ll double check tonight and get it fixed if needed!

      1. Yesterday it didn’t come up in a search but I just subscribed now!

        1. Oh good! I think it had to do with the itunes delay. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Hey guys, excited to have found your podcast! I, too, often find myself “running out of things to listen to by the end of the week” and am psyched to add your show to the rotation. Looking forward to hearing more of what you’ve got to say!

    1. Welcome! We’ve got a doozy of a show for you coming out on Tuesday with the Millionaire Educator. 🙂

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